Artpartment Wan Wan

"Artpartment Wan Wan" is an Art Project initiated by photographer Henri Chen Pin-hua. 

In a month period, he will organize and then create a real-world art space with sharing economy concept in the international worker’s life circle of Taipei City.

This 5.7 square meter “concept store” has two targets: every Sunday, when the workers worshipping nearby or shopping in the mall, without charge, Chen will take portraits and print at once for the coming customers, to encourage social interaction through photography practice. 

Besides, he tries to run a first “physical gallery of CC0 works” in Taiwan in the weekdays. Audiences can come to see the works, copy the digital files of them, and even duplicate, publish, reproduce, display or perform for commercial purposes with the files, all without charge and without the need of asking permission, to promote the concept of copyright sharing.

At the same time, Chen will collect a life story from the comers, as the reciprocal of the portraits. Visitors can also get a physical print in exchange of a real personal story in the weekdays. 

The collected stories will be converted into materials of an art work and be exhibited in the first Taiwan Annual. 

Artpartment Wan Wan Project

Date | 2016.8.6~ 2016.8.28

Venue | Room 218 of Wan Wan Building (No.25 Sec.3 Chung-Shan North Rd.)

CC0 Gallery Open Hours: Mon-Sat 12-18

Photo Shop Open Hours: Sun 11-18"